League Dates for Winter/Spring 2020

League dates for the first half of 2020 have been set!

* Albany – Excelsior / Pub Club Coin Droppers:

Sundays 5 PM Feb 9 – Mar 29

* Troy – Wolff’s League / Pindemonium

Thursdays 7 PM April 9 – May 28

* Schenectady – Cafe Coffee + Wolff’s Schenectady / Schenectady Pinball League

Mondays 7 PM Feb 24 – April 6 (finals April 20)

* Spring Selfie League

Starts March 20 continues to June 21 (finals TBD that weekend)

Pinball Knockout 003 is TBD still…waiting to see what other major events are scheduled and the availability of Level Zero, but we’re shooting for a Saturday in March or April.

Contact info:

Albany / Excelsior – Tim Varney

Troy / Wolff’s – Mike McGough

Schenectady Pinball League – Matt Wall

Selfie League – Matt Wall (although I’m actively looking for a collaborator, if interested, let me know)

Pindeomonium and Pub Club have Facebook pages; The Selfie League has a Facebook group; the Schenectady Pinball League has a page in progress TBA.

I will cross-post all these for reference on Pinball518 dot org in the next couple of days (playing catchup with the website).

Thanks to everybody for cooperating, and a special shoutout to our operator/sponsor Herb Sharp, and the owners of the Excelsior, the Wolff’s, and Cafe Coffee/Shawn Panella.

Are we organized yet?!?

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