Pinball 518 helps organize events related to pinball throughout the Capital District.

• While we are not the organizers of the Saratoga Pinball show, we support it and provide volunteer hours and other assistance for this annual charity event to benefit YMCA/YWCA programs.

• We also periodically sponsor events to raise money for Project Pinball, a charity that raises money to place pinball machines in therapeutic settings in children’s hospitals nationwide.

• Pinball 518 sponsors periodic regional tournaments. For information about tournaments, see the front page of or consult the IFPA Calendar.

• Individual leagues are organized by different individuals, but Pinball 518 provides publicity, a clearinghouse, and assistance where asked.

• Beginning in 2019, Pinball 518 is proud to sponsor The Varney Cup, an annual rotating (perpetual) trophy presented to the best local pinball player of the year. This cup is earned by placing first in a Tournament of Champions, this year to be held December 7, 2019 at the Level Zero Arcade. The top 16 qualifiers are selected as follows:

— winners of a Pinball 518 sanctioned event are automatic qualifiers. The events in 2019 are the Winter, Spring, and Fall Pub Club Coin Droppers league championships; the Summer and Fall Pindemonium Pin Ball League Championships; The 2019 Capital District Pinball Crawl; Pinball 518 Knockout Tournaments 001 and 002; The Saratoga Pinball and Arcade Show Pingolf Tournament; and the Project Pinball Charity event (Are You a God? Ghostbusters High Score tournament).

— any other local pinball player who participates in an IFPA-sanctioned event on the Pinball 518 sanctioned events list will receive points (equivalent to the WPPR points received for each event) towards qualification. Other points may be awarded at the organizers’ discretion for non-sanctioned events.

— qualifiers will be notified as soon as IFPA points are posted for the two fall leagues. Any qualifier who can’t make the tournament will be replaced with the next person on the qualification list.