There are three current leagues operating in the Pinball 518 Area:

• The Selfie League, where you play on your own and snap your score to be posted. This is played at six different locations throughout the area; you need only play four different machines of your choice from within the pool, though, to compete.

• The Pub Club Coin Droppers, which meets Sundays at 5 PM at the Excelsior Pub in Albany. This league runs three times a year with a two-division championship held at the end of each league. For information about the next league start up, keep an eye on the front page of Pinball 518 or visit the Pinball 518 Facebook Group.

• The Pindemonium Pinball League meets Thursdays at 7 PM at Wolff’s Biergarten Troy. This league also runs about three times a year, with a single playoff at the conclusion of league play. See our front page or the Facebook group for information.

You may always email info@pinball518.org as well for updates.