Winter Selfie League 2019-20

Want to play competitive pinball, but don’t have the flexibility in your schedule to commit to a regular night?

Try our new Selfie League! Play on your own, take a picture of your score, and you’re in the hunt for cash, prizes, and a random drawing award based on participation (not high score). Top 50% of qualifiers will play in a playoff for the championship on January 11, 2020 at the Excelsior Pub.

How to participate:

• Get a MatchPlay account (the URL is real simple: Matchplay.Events ) and go to the MatchPlay tournament page for “Pinball 518 Selfie League” (search the box for nearby tournaments).

You will add your own scores, and if you can manage the upload interface, include a photo of your score (with you in the picture).

If you can’t upload it via MatchPlay, just email it to or post it to our Facebook group with score and date and machine name in the text of your post. That’s totallly fine.

• Play at least four of the 12 approved machines at any time at all – all the machines at the Excelsior, Wolff’s Troy, and Wolff’s Schenectady, plus The Addams Family at McGeary’s. NEW: Jurassic Park at Uncle Sam’s Lanes in Troy and Willy Wonka at Cafe Coffee in Schenectady are now in the pool

You can play them one at a time, all at once, or whatever you like. You can play all 12 machines — 4 is just a minimum, since it’s the top four scores that will count. The “top four” is relative to other people on that particular machine.

It’s in your interest to play as many of the machines as you can, as your score may not be one of your top 4, but it might squeeze out somebody else’s best score!

— want to add a public machine? suggest it here, Matt will review. Machine must be readily available, in good working condition, and within the core Albany-Troy-Schenectady area (sorry, Saratoga, too far away).

— any machine with *fewer than eight people playing it* will NOT COUNT towards final standings. This includes machines that are taken off location during the duration of the league. (Conversely, machines with eight or more unique players will count even if they’re removed.)

• Your TOP 4 scores will count. We’re using PAPA -style Best Score points with fast decay (100/90/85/83/81…). A first place on a machine is worth 100 points, 2nd 90, etc.

• Top 50% of players (to 16 max) qualify for PAPA-style playoffs at the Excelsior on Saturday, January 11th. Top 4 positions will pay off with 16 or fewer participants, proportion will go up as the number of players do.

We will have a B tournament if space allows and interest warrants it.

• Guidelines for counting scores (honor system applies):

– Obviously please post only your own scores.

– Play the games as they are – extra balls, etc.

Exception: please don’t use Buy-In options on machines that have them.

Exception: if a machine has a major malfunction that helps player scores, please report it immediately and we’ll temporarily deactivate the machine until it’s fixed.

– Please post the scores in as timely a manner as you can; using MatchPlay’s direct post of a picture feature is encouraged (we’ll post instructions about how to do this separately).

• NEW PLAYERS ARE FREE – if you’ve never played in a Pinball 518 League, and are not in the IFPA top 2000, you’re in for free! Otherwise give your $10 fee to Matt Wall at some point. All fees go to league awards, prizes, and IFPA fees. WPPRs awarded at the conclusion of the finals.

– a nice prize will be given out to a member of the league drawn randomly. Any paid-up league member will get one chance (one copy of your name thrown into the hat) for EACH UNIQUE MACHINE FOR WHICH YOU POST A SCORE.

Questions? Join the Pinball 518 Selfie League Facebook page or send them to